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Folded Table

The Folded Table owes its sturdy yet lightweight structure to classical tailoring techniques.

The sheeted aluminum's flat, unrolled pattern acts as a blueprint, indicating where the metal needs to be folded and where seams will be joined. The table's legs bend at their apex, flowing into the tabletop while simultaneously providing a vital seam for the table's edge. The table's components are interlocked and bolted together, further adding to the table's stability. The table is offered with an optional bolted linoleum sheet to provide alternative haptic sensation.

  • Dimensions
  • 220 × 105 × 75cm
  • Parts
  • 12
  • Materials
  • Aluminum, Linoleum

All dimensions are adjustable to meet custom needs. The table can be fully disassembled allowing its individual parts to be updated or recycled.

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